Homeschool Fieldtrip Club

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Site Visitors: Thank you for your interest in Homeschool Fieldtrip Club. We are a group of families who have chosen to homeschool our children and attend fieldtrips together, primarily in the Atlanta and surrounding vicinity (typically within 1-2 hours or less of downtown Atlanta). We attend a variety of event types including museums, nature centers, federal/state agency tours, business tours, all education matinees and more and would love to have you join us!!

Our members are located all over the Atlanta, North Georgia and surrounding communities and have children ranging in ages from Birth to 17 years. (Please note, many locations we visit have/are implementing strict age restrictions and will not allow children under the ages of 4-6 years to attend/participate with some businesses and agencies requiring 10 years age minimum. These are not our rules, but we are required to follow venue policies and requirements).

To join HFC:

  1. Click here to complete our Account Request Form
  2. Payment Options for your 2023-2024 school year family membership (Payment is required for access):
    • Credit/debit card $31.22 total (includes fees) by clicking here
    • ApplePay $30 total by sending to 678-879-3809
    • Zelle $30 total by sending to 678-879-3809 (if your bank offers this service)
  3. Admin will contact you with approval and access information typically within 24-48 hours.